Real Estate Fund or Syndication Review

What is your goal with a real estate syndication?

What is your risk tolerance?

What are the risks in a private real estate investment?

Real estate syndications and funds provide returns in both current income and total return.   A retired or more conservative investor leans towards current income and protection against losing money, while someone with other income sources and a longer time horizon likely cares more about total return.  Alternatively, someone may be invested in higher risk assets (entrepreneurship, venture capital, technology) and want real estate to provide a conservative balance to their high risk investments.   It’s also okay if your goal is to invest across both lower and higher risk real estate deals and just be paid fairly for the risk.

We can provide a risk review for a syndication or fund that includes:

  • What can go right?
  • What could go wrong?
  • What is the overall risk is in the transaction?
  • Do we think the investor is being fairly compensated for the risk?

Our consultation includes a written analysis and recommendation along with a phone call to go through questions and answers. This is also your opportunity to ask anything you want to know about investing in the space.

These consultations are typically a fit for individual syndication transactions or for Fund I and Fund II offerings. Please contact us if you are interested.

Check out our resources page for more information and recommendations.